Healthcare Communication Solutions

Get the efficient, cost-effective communication you need to deliver high-quality healthcare.

For healthcare organizations of every size and type, healthcare comes down to improving patient safety, treatment and satisfaction. To do this efficiently and effectively, you need the right tools. Whether you’re making real-time decisions in a hospital emergency ward, managing outpatient care or facilitating long-term assisted living, we have the technology around your needs.


We offer an extensive array of next-generation solutions designed to help accelerate communication and collaboration for hospitals, senior care facilities, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and clinics.

You can:

  • - Enhance the delivery and quality of patient and resident care
  • - Keep costs in line
  • - Protect and maximize existing investments
  • - Streamline day-to-day tasks
  • - Give employees greater flexibility and mobility

You get:

  • - A single communication suite across all devices
  • - A highly scalable, flexible business communication platform
  • - Compatibility with major third-party solutions
  • - A range of communication applications, including voice, unified messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration and other services