Services & Support

Solution Design

Solution Design service is offered in order to provide the assistance needed in outlining a complete network solution to the unique requirements of a customer's business

Solution Design service includes investigation and documentation of all relevant business and technical requirements that may have an impact on the network solution.


Site Survey & Preparation

Site Survey and Preparation Service is product independent and is offered before any implementation projects starts.

  • Site Survey covers a complete survey of the customer's premises to identify the best implementation.
  • Site Preparation covers all the site work prior to implementation, facility construction, Seismic Bracing, moving and reallocation of existing equipment.


The service can consist either of installation of a new cabling network, or expansion and/or change of an existing one.



Installation service is available for all represented products,, with the common aim to get the network/solution up and running within the stipulated frames and conditions.

Installation Services covers installation and testing of new equipment and acceptance testing and hand-over to the customer.



Integration service is aimed to help the customer to secure that the communication solution is properly integrated with his existing and new equipment with all included components.

The Integration service is available for all the products represented.


Post-installation monitoring

The service is provided in order to confirm the correct operation of the equipment installed and that the configuration of the system covers the customer's requirements.



Maintenance service is designed to recover Customers' communication system functionality in case of limited availability. This service comprises of corrective maintenance by remote interrogation in order to correct problems or to perform isolation and avoidance procedures. The service is inclusive of on site attendance and replacement of defective parts.


Moves, Adds and Changes

Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) is a service designed to increase utilization of resources by assigning the responsibility to LTcom of the day-to-day changes that occur in the Customers' communication system as employees join or leave, or their responsibilities and workplace change.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance service is designed to help protect the Customers business operations and increase the availability of their communications systems.