FONtevo COMpact 4000


New product

VoIP PBX for small and medium sized business.
The PBX for every network.

All-IP is very close, in a few years all old, traditional connections will be substituted. That is why you may find yourself in a tough position...or just enjoy easily from now the advantages of a digital connection with COMpact 4000. The key point is in the word "easy" - at least when COMpact 4000 is involved in the equation. Using the setup wizard and the ability to import your basic settings make COMpact 4000 easy to install. When you get fully into the All-IP era, you decide it!

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Expansion slots 2
External S0 ports 2 - 3
Ports for PSTN lines 0 - 4
External VoIP channels 0 - 8
VoIP codecs trunk line G.711
Internal S0/Up0 ports 2 - 6
VoIP extensions up to 16
Analog extensions 8
Internal VoIP channels 0 - 12
VoIP codecs internal G.711
Voice mail boxes 1 - 20
Voice mail channels 1 - 4
Fax boxes 0 - 20
Fax channels 0 - 1
Operating voltage 230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption min. 3,2 W, max. 55 W
Dimensions (w x h x d) 334 mm. x 331 χιλ. x 94,5 mm.
Weight (without modules) approx. 1.600 gr.

Made for those who like it straightforward

Our COMpact 4000 seamlessly adapts to any operating environment and takes care of full network integration in next to no time at all. Its setup assistant helps you enter all basic settings and get the system ready for operation within minutes. This helpful feature sets it apart from its predecessors as well as from any Soft PBX or Cloud PBX. And that’s only the beginning. There’s a host of convenient functions, such as integrated voicemail and fax, CTI and UC capabilities, full VoIP integration and interfaces for house automation systems – everything that makes up modern telecommunications is on board. Economical, upgradeable and future-proof – in view of its outstanding sustainability, it won’t come as a surprise that COMpact 4000 was awarded with the Blue Angel label.

Flexibility is a sure winner

Despite all rumours, you won’t have to exchange your current devices just because the general switch to “All-IP” is around the corner. Even the subscriber and installation characteristics you’ve set up once will remain – no matter if you plan to change your provider or the technology. Our COMpact 4000 keeps you flexible in every respect. It’s very easy to integrate e.g. CTI clients into the system with the software “PBX Call Assist”. And whether you want to connect your analogue devices or the latest high-tech system phones – nothing will stop you. Even home automation systems will develop additional skills with it: Apart from controlling lights or the heating via the PBX system, our COMpact 4000 will even take orders from any system integrated via the network protocol, if you wish. E.g. redirect calls to your smartphone when leaving the house.

Accessible from everywhere

Thanks to automatic detection, the PBX system is immediately recognized without complex network-related settings. A web interface helps you  specify all settings – via your web browser or remotely, e.g. with a tablet PC or smartphone. You don’t need a special software. You’ll soon get used to check system functions on the go, such as voicemails or the caller list. Or redirect calls, simply via “PBX Control”, a smartphone app available free of charge at iTunes App Store and Google Play. The COMpact 4000 has many talents, but above all it’s discreet: internal phone conversations (VoIP) will always remain internal and tap-proof – thanks to full encryption.

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