FONtevo COMpact 3000 ISDN


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VoIP PBX for Small Office and Home Office

COMpact 3000 series is proving how flexible kai powerful can small PBXes be. They offer function that somenone would consider that they could only be found in larger systems. Furthermore they can be easily expanded according to your needs.

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Expansion slots 1
External S0 ports 1-2
External VoIP channels 0 - 2
VoIP codecs trunk line G.711
Internal S0/Up0 ports 0-1
VoIP extensions up to 8
Analog extensions 4 - 6
Internal VoIP channels 0 - 2
VoIP codecs internal G.722 (wideband), G.711, G.726, iLBC
Voice mail boxes 6
Voice mail channels 1
Fax boxes 6
Fax channels 1
Operating voltage 230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption min. 2,4 W, max. 15 W
Dimensions (w x h x d) 240 mm. x 240 mm. x 58,4 mm.
Weight (without modules) ca. 840 gr. with the power supply

Plug & phone convenience for an ISDN connection 
with additional internet access for Voice over IP

Even the basic configuration of our COMpact 3000 ISDN surprises with amazing high-performance capabilities, considering the size of this small telephone system: With four analogue extensions, a phonebook for 400 entries, a central voicemail and fax system which automatically informs you about news waiting via e-mail, RSS feed and a call, CTI support as well as connection possibilities for external storage devices, it’s perfectly equipped for all the requirements of day-to-day work. Should you want additional analogue extensions, yet another ISDN trunk interface or just a little more comfort with ISDN system phones, simply expand your COMpact 3000 with the according plug-in module. And to make internal calls via a computer network, all it takes is activate the two integrated VoIP channels via our Online Upgrade Center.

The ready-to-insert cabinet and step-by-step configuration even without a PC make installation and start-up child’s play. All further settings are done intuitively via the system’s web user interface. Latest circuit technology and a smart energy management take care that power consumption stays low under all operating conditions – that’s our contribution to protecting the environment … and your budget. By the way, the COMpact 3000 also serves as voicemail system or gateway between different worlds of telecommunications.
It enables you to expand your existing telephone system or to keep it even if the processing type is changed.

PBX Control for Apple iOS and Google Android

If you want to conveniently check the status of your Auerswald telephone system and control vital functions – from your home or on the go – take our smartphone app PBX Control. It’s designed both for Apple iOS and Google Android, and it lets you see right away if a caller has tried to reach you over your extension, left a message or sent you a fax. In case you forgot to activate the call diversion to your mobile phone or to set the system on weekend operation, simply do it from wherever you happen to be! All it takes to use PBX Control is that your Auerswald telephone system is part of your network and connected with the Internet.

You can obtain PBX Control directly in the Apple app store, at the Android market or AndroidPIT. There's no need to install any further software on your Mac or PC because this app communicates directly with your telephone system. That means your PC doesn’t have to be active all the time – your power bill is not affected which contributes to a “green IT”.

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