FONtevo COMpact 5200


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VoIP PBX for small and medium sized business
Modern communication for everybody!

With regard to the most efficient channels of communication, small to medium-sized businesses have often been left out in the cold: If their existing infrastructure was based on analogue or ISDN technology, there was no way to link up to modern standards. So far...

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Expansion slots 5
External S0 ports 0 - 3
Ports for PSTN lines 0 - 6
External VoIP channels 0 - 14
VoIP codecs trunk line G.711
Internal S0/Up0 ports 0 - 10
VoIP extensions up to 32
Analog extensions 0 - 20
Internal VoIP channels 0 - 16
VoIP codecs internal G.711
Voice mail boxes 1 - 40
Voice mail channels 1 - 8
Fax boxes 0 - 40
Fax channels 0 - 8
Operating voltage 230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 W min., 65 W max.
Dimensions (w x h x d) 334 mm x 331 mm x 94,5 mm
Weight (without modules) approx. 1.600 gr

What you may call a “small office” ...
Just like the term “medium-sized”, “small office” is a category which somehow evades precise definition. It ranges from a one-man business in a shared office to companies in the manufacturing sector with dozens of employees.

One determining factor is the total number of telephone connections, and often a little trick is quite helpful: Although the number of internal VoIP channels is limited and thus rules the number of simultaneous VoIP connections, the system hardly ever reaches its maximum capacity. That’s why at Auerswald we’ve developed “VOC” (VoIP over-commitment) which allows you to register and use more VoIP telephones than defined by the number of available internal VoIP channels. Depending on the system load, you can always register up to 32 VoIP subscribers.

Unified Communication – where all threads converge

By integrating several services in a single system, modern workplaces gain considerably in comfort and efficiency. In order to facilitate the start, we can offer you PBX Call Assist 2 – a custom-tailored UC solution for up to 40 users which includes CTI applications, presence management and Instant Messaging.

Sustainability – not just a slogan!

As far as climate protection is concerned, this compact system has quite a few things up its sleeve, too: Auerswald is the first manufacturer in the world to have its ITC systems certified by the eco label “Blue Angel”.

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