FONtevo COMmander 6000


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VoIP telephony server for medium and larger sized businesses
Modular communication server for seamless VoIP integration, Unified Messaging and Unified Communication

Even if you want to start with a small system at first – our COMmander 6000 with its fully modular design makes a perfect investment in the future. It’s suitable for wall-mounting, offers 38 trunk channels and up to 64 internal ports. To connect with the public telephone network, you may choose between VoIP trunk channels, ISDN basic lines and a primary multiplex access, while internal participants share the VoIP, ISDN and analogue connections.

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Expansion slots 5
ISDN-PRI external line max. 1
External S0 ports 0 - 16
External VoIP channels 2 - 38
VoIP codecs trunk line G.711 (optional: G.723.1, G.726, G.729, iLBC)
Internal S0/Up0 ports 0 - 32
VoIP extensions 0 - 112
Analog extensions 0 - 32
Internal VoIP channels 2 - 64
VoIP codecs internal G.711 (optional: G.723.1, G.726, G.729, iLBC)
Voice mail boxes 4 - 120
Voice mail channels 1 - 16
Fax boxes 0 - 120
Fax channels 0 - 16
Operating voltage 230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption 7,1 W min., 75 W max.
Dimensions (w x h x d) 220 mm x 354 mm x 142 mm
Weight (without modules) approx. 2.400 gr

Confident communication for all lines of business and corporate divisions

Whatever your demands are from your telecommunications' system, COMMander 6000 series proves itself a future safe solution, open in any choice.


The place with the highest call volumes defines what’s required from your communication server and attached operator stations. COMmander 6000 series models are capable of managing up to 38 callers simultaneously.

Our system phones COMfortel 2600 and COMfortel 3600 are ideally suited for operator stations, thanks to the possibility of adding key extensions – easy caller management at the touch of a key.

Call Centers

Readily accessible hotline members will earn you many points. Thanks to the Automatic Switchboard, clients will be guided directly to the right contact person. Intelligent Call Distribution optimizes accessibility and distributes callers evenly to your employees.

Productivity at its best: 8,500 calls per hour are feasible. Relaxed working conditions are ensured with system phones and headsets of our COMfortel series, and integrated LAN TAPI enables the use of CTI applications.

Hotels and pensions

Why not do the check-in (or check-out) of your guests through the phone on the reception desk! You won’t need a PC because your intelligent telephone system will take care of that. And to print out invoices, including call details, simply connect a printer to the system.

A universal telephone system, such as the COMmander 6000, will even arrange wake-up calls through the room telephone and control the door intercom system at the entrance to your hotel.

Hospitals and nursing homes

In these environments, it’s indispensable that the nursing staff can be reached at all times anywhere. This can be ensured either by the wireless IP-DECT system or by connecting paging devices.

Providing individual patients or occupants with a phone creates no problem either: targeted rights assignment enables you to limit the use so that e.g. only certain numbers can be dialled. The master phone in the switchboard is used to block or release individual phones.

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