FONtevo COMfortel M-210


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Professional wireless DECT handset.
Bella figura in any working environment.

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Operating voltage Battery (Li-Ion) 3,7 V, 1.000 mAh, chargin time approx. 4 hours
Talk time max. 24 hours max. 16 hours with Bluetooth activated
Standby time max. 130 hours max. 119 hours with Bluetooth activated
System connection DECT/GAP (1,8 GHz / GAP)
Display Backlit color display (65.536 color) with 128 x 160 pixel
Typical range 300 m outdoor, 50 m indoor
Dimensions (w x h x d) 48 mm x 146 mm x 19 mm
Weight (without modules) approx. 110 g, incl. batteries

The subtle and elegant exterior of our COMfortel M-200 belies the fact that it’s got a robust core: this DECT handset even remains unflappable when accidentally dropped. At the same time, it puts forward a long list of useful functions providing targeted assistance for mobile employees in the craft sector, trading and office environments: The brilliant colour display and intuitive menu structure facilitate accessing the local phone book with a capacity of 250 names (4 numbers per entry!). If desired, entries can be added to the integrated phone book directly from the call list. And any name search will consider entries in the central telephone system’s adress list, of course.

Thanks to Bluetooth® 2.0, you can even attach a wireless headset so that your hands remain free at all times. The large selection of ringtones lets you easily distinguish any number of handsets – even if several subscribers get a call simultaneously. An indispensable feature in a professional working environment. The COMfortel M-200 proves its worth by being especially practical, underlining its readiness for use by up to 24 hours talk time and 130 hours in standby. It’s clearly a business handset which considerably improves onsite mobility in an elegant way.

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