About us

Our company

LTcom was established in 1994  and incorporates in the area of telecommunications, while it specializes in telecommunications systems for integrated digital voice and data networks, as a partner and distributor of lead foreign vendors.

LTcom's head offices are stated in Thessaloniki and our products are distributed all over Greece, through a specialized and highly trained sales network.

LTcom has in total 28 specialized employees in Thessaloniki and in Athens, with head offices in the center of Thessaloniki. LTcom's products and services cover all the range of the telecommunications' needs of any size of company, from the phase of planning the solution, up to the realization of it and after sales support.

Our main target is to offer to our customers tested telecommunications' equipment of high technology and reliable technical support services. Moreover in our targets is the continuous upgrade of provided services and the introduction in to the Greek market of telecommunications' solutions of the latest technology, with main criteria the high quality and functionality, the ability to be upgraded and expanded easily, and finally the integration of new technologies and models that are under development.

Our customers are:

  • Private companies of any size
  • Telecommunications' providers
  • Industries
  • Hotels and clinics
  • Retail franchise shops
  • Civil organizations
  • Army divisions
  • ...etc.

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Why LTcom?


Because we have more than 20 years experience

LTcom distributes and supports exclusively telecommunications' equipment for any size and category of business. The long time experience we have in this sector makes us a market leader.

Because we are partners with leading vendors

Mitel is a world leader. Powering more than 2 billion connections every day, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and take care of their customers. With over 2,500 channel partners and regional  headquarters around the globe, Mitel has a global reach, but also a local touch.

Auerswald is leading the market in Germany and Greece in the area of small and medium sized systems and VoIP telephone devices. For a long time now, Auerswald is being voted as the number 1 vendor for telecommunications' equipment in Germany in it's area. From 1st January 2018, Auerswald produces their export products under the brand name FONtevo.

LTcom is a direct partner of the manufacturers of the telecommunications' equipment that imports. This enables us to have direct communication with the product manufacturers, either on a support level, or in order to participate in the design of new products, that will fit better in our market needs.

Because we have the largest installed basis

LTcom, in its 20 years of operation, has provided and supported several tens of thousands of PBXes in the Greek market. The experience gained from this everyday communication with customers of every class and size is invaluable and has a positive impact on the level of support we provide to our customers.



LTcom is our telecommunications’ partner for the last twenty years, since the establishment of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank.

At that time, we have asked them to analyze our needs and provide a system that it could easily expand and upgrade. It was a pleasure that the initial system run for more than twelve years without issues, adopting new technologies and working with no disruptions.
In 2015, we decided to upgrade our legacy PBX system with a new full-VoIP one.
LTcom did an excellent job in design, suggesting the implementation of system that supports a high availability configuration, 99,999% uptime, takes advantage of new technologies and uses infrastructure that we adopt, like virtualization. We phased no disruption during the upgrade process and LTcom made the process easy from start to finish for us.
Our Organization also has a support contract with LTcom, since Telephony service is crucial to our Organization. They are always on time, supporting us in a very professional way.

Kostis Zevgaridis - Black Sea Trade & Development Bank - Director of Administrative Services

Telecommunications for our company are the main means for our operations and to promote our products to our customers. Therefore, cooperating with a telecommunications’ equipment company with experience and continuity in the field, was always our primary target and a keystone of our success. LTcom, as our telecommunications’ partner and provider of our operating equipment, has proven its capabilities with the quality of their products and the complete know-how, in order to provide us with the appropriate solutions, so that we constantly improve the level of supporting our customers and to contribute actively in the development of our company.

Konstantinos Tziotzios - Diamant S.A.