FONtevo TFS Dialog 201


New product

Door intercom system designed for analogue interfaces –
 an elegant calling card for visitors

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Operating voltage 16 – 60 V DC (lighting powered via doorbell transformer) or 19 – 60 V DC (lighting powered via analogue port)
System connection analogue subscriber port / extension of the PBX
Dimensions (w x h x d) 104 mm x 153 mm x 16 mm
Weight (without modules) approx. 360 g

Even if your telephone system has no special door phone interface – the TFS-Dialog 200 with its timeless design ensures the highest level of operating convenience. It’s connected via a two-wire cable directly to an a/b port of your system and behaves quite like a phone: Once the door bell is triggered, the intercom system dials a pre-defined internal or external number. You can talk to the visitor over the phone and open the door. Thanks to latest micro electronics you will enjoy superior speech quality. And the white LED backlighting ensures bright and evenly illuminated name tags in the dark.

The ultra-flat housing fits perfectly to practically every type of building. This means it manages without a complicated separate flush-mounted installation kit. To cover the existing wall box of an older system, you can opt for a cover plate which is angled upwards and also serves as a weather-protection roof.

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