FONtevo COMpact 5500R


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VoIP PBX for medium sized business
A purebred IP performer – and yet offering multiple options!

No matter whether you're a promising new start-up or an established company that's planning to expand - this VoIP appliance can help keep all your options open. The brand new COMpact 5500R has the ability to cope with increasing demands built into its DNA. Thanks to its fully modular architecture, even its base configuration, designed for up to 12 VoIP subscribers, can also handle up to 50 subscribers (including remote extensions) and also provide all the functions of a "large“ IP server.

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Expansion slots 5
External S0 ports 0 - 3
Ports for PSTN lines 0 - 6
External VoIP channels 8 - 32
VoIP codecs trunk line G.711
Internal S0/Up0 ports 0 - 10
VoIP extensions up to 50
Analog extensions 0 - 20
Internal VoIP channels 8 - 32
VoIP codecs internal G.711
Voice mail boxes 1 - 60
Voice mail channels 1 - 8
Fax boxes 0 - 60
Fax channels 0 - 8
Operating voltage 230 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 W min., 65 W max.
Dimensions (w x h x d) 325 mm x 88 mm x 240 mm
Weight (without modules) approx. 1.700 gr

32 IP channels in a compact housing: feel free to upgrade your COMpact 5500R to the desired size!
When it comes to “traditional telecommunication” this system makes life really easy: Analogue and ISDN subscriber ports can be retrofitted as integrated gateways, for example, for existing telephones. The specially designed templates make setting up the VoIP trunks for all the major providers as easy as child's play. Even the "traditional" FXO and BRI connection types can be retrofitted using modules if required.

This compact system has excellent credentials when it comes to climate protection: Auerswald is the world's first manufacturer to have its ICT systems Blue Angel certified. This also covers the COMpact 5500R.

A VoIP appliance par excellence

Even setting up SIP trunks is child’s play: downloading a certain provider template right when you need it lets you always rest assured you’ve got the latest version. The retrofittable Ethernet port at the front of the housing is a special feature of the COMpact 5500R – ideal to intelligently separate telephony and data and perfect to embrace the new era of IP connections

Convincing as an overall system as well

Connected Auerswald IP telephones are also well catered for: thanks to provisioning, the initial setup is done almost automatically. Everything else can be centrally configured in a flash – with the new COMfortel IP Editor.

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